Here at J W. Laycock, we have recently had the delivery of our new Carter Hydraulic Swing Shear guillotine at our Keighley headquarters. We’re excited to get the machine up and running here at J W. Laycocks; opening up new opportunities to provide a new range of products and services to our customers.

The guillotine has two blades – the bottom blade is located in a fixed position on the bed of the guillotine, with the top blade moving in a downward scissor motion to slice the sheet metal. The angle of the blade varies from machine to machine depending on the thickness of the metal it is cutting giving us the chance to cut a range of metals. To ensure the metal doesn’t move whilst being cut, the sheet is held in place by a hydraulic pressure clamp, ensuring a guaranteed clean and precise cut.

Guillotine Specs.

  • Maximum shear of 2500mm wide
  • Mild steel maximum cut up to 6mm
  • Stainless Steel maximum cut up to 4mm

The specifications of the guillotine enables us to cut sheet steel to any size within these diameters. We continue to provide a fast turnaround on our existing products and services and with the new products and services coming to the table, we will continue to supply our first class, J W. Laycock experience. We can provide sheet metal cuts in specific shapes and sizes, quickly and efficiently, providing a quick turnaround time for your next project.

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