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We carry a broad range of adhesives for use in the domestic environment at home through to the heavy industrial environment at work.

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528 Adhesive 1L 528 Adhesive 5L Araldite Araldite Dispensers
Araldite Rapid Araldite Standard Backing Pad 4½” x M14 Bostik No 1 Clear Adhesive (Large)
Bostik No 1 Clear Adhesive (Small) Contact Adhesive (Impact) 250ml Contact Adhesive (Impact) 500ml Evostick 191 Adhesive Cleaner 250ml
Evostick Flashband Roll 4″ Evostick Flashband Roll 6″ Evostick Waterproof Wood Adhesive 1L Evostick Waterproof Wood Adhesive 5L
Flexipad Nylon Backing Pads 5″ x M14 Loctite Superglue 3 – Bottles Loctite Superglue 3 Tubes Marcrist Backing Pad 171 x M14
Nylon Backing Pad 3 No 90-10m PVA Bond Rubber Backing Pad (76-10M) Rust Remedy
Spirax Backing Pad
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