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Hardware & Hand Tools

We stock a broad range of hardware for use in the home and at work.

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Aluminium Shovel Balls Disel Twine Braided Nylon Cord Brick Belters
Dustbins (Plastic & Galvanised Steel c/w lids) Felling Axe Felling Axe Shaft Garage Funnel (rectangular with funnel)
Hughes Wheels Hyde Steel Metal Marker (pens & bottles for heavy industrial use – range of colours) Mould Slovel
Mould Slovel Pick Head Pick Head Plastic Funnels
Reebuck Handrail Pack Sack Carts Sack Carts Screwdrivers (Stanley 30 pack)
Socket Slevels Stove Shovels Tapers (bent & straight) Wagon Ropes 27m & 36m Polypropylene

Hand Tools

We stock a complete range of hand tools for engineers, builders, DIY enthusiasts & the factory workshop.

16 Piece Socket Set Air Blow Guns Angle Allen Key Sets Assembly Pliers
Autometric Centre Funnels Autometric Centre Funnels Ball End Sets Ball-End
Bastard Files (Hard, Square, Round, Smooth) Blow Guns Bolt Cropper Jaws Bolt Croppers
Bowsaws Builders Chalk Lines Cable Reels (25m & 50m 110V & 240V) Cards Draper Brick Lines
Carpenter Squares Centre Punches Chalk Chalkline Reel
Chisels Claw Hammers Cobalt Drills Copper Hammer
Corner Clamps Counters Coventry Heads (o/s) Cramp Heed Set
Cut Files (Hard, Smooth, Square, Round) De-burring Tool Double Duty Drills Drills
Duty Drills Edging Trowels Engineers Squares File Handles
Files Flexible Delivery Tape Folding Steel Rules Foot Pump
G Clamps Gas Pliers Grease Guns Grease Guns
Grease Nipples Hacksaws Hammers Hand Tap Set
Hard Tap Set ( ???) Hex Hook -On Grease Nipples Hex Wrench Set Hexagon Sockets
Hide Hammer Hose Clip Drivers Interchangeable Drivers Jigs
Jobber Drills Key Mortar Pick (o/s) Leg Pullers Lever Guns
Leverguns Line Pins Locking Knives Metal Wedges
Mole Grips Oilcans (Flexible & Fixed Spat) Pincers Pipe Bending Springs
Pipe Cutter (o/s) Pipe Cutter Wheels Pipe Formers Pipe Slicers
Pipe Threaders Planes Plastic Hammer Plumb Deb
Plumb Deb + Line Pop Rivets Protractors Putty Knives
Refill Tape Riveters Riveting Kit Rotary Drill Files
Rubber Mauls Scissors Scrapers Screw Extractor
Screwdrivers Screwed Hand End Mills Shee Knives Sheet Metal Tool
Side Cutters Sledge Hammers Sliding Tee Bars Slip-Joint Pliers
Socket Converters Socket Sets Soldering Guns Spanners
Spanners Spring Dividers Square Rule Sew (o/s) Squares
Stanley Knives Staple Guns Stone Plumb Deb + Line Stripping Knives
Tap Reseating Tool Tap Sets Tape Measures (Stanley 1m to 30m) Taps
Thread Chasers Tiling Saws Tool Boxes Tool Kit
Top Cutters Top Wrenches Trimming Knives Trowels
Tube Cutters Twist Drill Set Universal Joint Vices
Window scrapers Window Scrapers Woodsaw Blades
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