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Pipe Fittings, Flanges & Valves

Whether you are plumbing new water pipes on site or welding tube together in the workshop our extensive range of pipe fittings is available for collection or delivery.

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Malleable Iron (Black & Galvanised)

Full range ¼” to 6” nominal boreBacknutsBends (90° M/M)Bushes (Reducing)
CapsCrossesElbows (45° & 90° M/M & F/F & Twin)Long Radius Bends (M/F & F/F)
Nipples (Hexagon, Reducing & Eccentric Reducing)Plugs (Plain Solid & Recessed)Radius Bends (M/F & F/F) (Short & Long Radius)Return Bends
Sockets (Equal & Reducing)Tees (Pitcher, Equal, Unequal & Reducing)Unions (F/F & M/F) (Cone & Flat Seated)

Bronze Iron Pipe Fittings

¼” to 6” nominal boreUnions

Tubular Pipe Fittings (Black & Galvanised Heavy Weight)

Full range ¼” to 6” nominal boreBack PlatesBendsElbows
Long ThreadsNipplesPipe Rings (Metric & BSP threaded)Schoolboard Brackets


We stock a full range of flanges.
Full range ¼” to 6” nominal bore

ASA 150 FlangesASA 300 FlangesElbows (45° & 90° Long & Short Radius)Nippling (BSP & Metric)
Plate Flanges (PN6/3 Slip-On)Reducers (BS1965 Concentric & Eccentric)Screwed & Drilled Flanges (BS10 Table E)Slip-On Flanges (BS10 Table E & PN16/112)
Tees (BS1965)Weld Caps (STD WT)Weld Elbows (BS1640 STD WT 45° & 90°)Weld Reducers (Concentric & Butt Weld Concentric)
Weld Tees (BS1640 STD WT 45° & 90°)


We stock a range of BSP and metric valves. Available in any quantity to suit your specific needs. Next day delivery.

Full range ¼” to 6” nominal bore

Ball ValvesBucket TrapsCheck ValvesGate Valves (CIM fig. 70/BS & BSP PEGLERS)
Globe ValvesSight GlassesStrainers Float TrapsWheel Valve Disc


We stock a complete range of products to compliment our fittings & valves product lines.

½” x ½” BSP Screwed TailpieceAirline ConnectorsAnti Scuffing PasteAnti Seize Compound
Anti Seize SprayBelt Dressing Spray 300ml (ROCOL)Brass Air Tap KeysBrass Ball Taps
Brass Red Air TapsChain & Drive SprayCleaner LiquidCleaner Spray 454G
Cold Galvanising SprayCouplings (PRIMOFIT Galvanised Flexible)Cutting CompoundDrain Rod Plungers
Drawoff CockDrawoff TapsDressed HempFlawfinder Cleaner
Flawfinder DeveloperFlawfinder Penetrant VWFurnite PasteGrease Cartridges
Hose Spray NozzlesHose Union TapsHose UnionsJointing Compound (Water Potable & Foliac Graphite)
Jointing Paste (Hawk White, Boss White, Boss Super Green, Foliac & Foliac Super Red)Layout Ink FluidLayout Ink SprayLayout Ink Spray Remover
Leak Detector Spray (ROCOL)Locking Drum TapsMicrometer BlueMoisture guard Spray
Oil-Free Spatter Release 500mlPenetrating SprayPR SprayPTFE Tape (ordinary & Permanite gas fitting)
RTD Spray (ROCOL)Rust Shield Spray 454GScrewed TailpieceShort Bell Top Arm
Spatter Release SprayStraight Hose ConnectorsTufgear Spray (ROCOL)Wire Rope Spray
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