John W Laycocks proudly presents its new plasma profiling service!

Our state-of-the-art plasma profiling facility, which operates right here in Keighley, has the capacity to melt and cut a wealth of different steel shapes and metal materials. 

The installation of a brand-new in-house profiling system has meant that we are able to expand our services here at Laycocks, offering a new way to meet all your steel needs. 

Our plasma profiling service is an exciting concept, displaying impressive technology and the ability to cut 3mm to 150mm thick and an on-board drilling facility, yet what are the advantages of plasma profiling?

1. Cost Effective

For medium-thickness steel, plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting is a significantly cheaper way to produce accurate plates complete with radius corners, holes, slots and patterns. This saves you time and energy to spend elsewhere.

2. High-Quality edge cutting for thicknesses from 5mm to 150mm

If the steel you’re looking to cut is up to 150mm, then our steel-cutting service is perfect for you! The high-power drilling and heating employed in our machinery mean we can create quality cuts of all shapes and sizes. Plasma is also the most effective means of cutting stainless steel and aluminium. 

3. Excellent precision

Advanced CNC and High Definition Hypertherm technology means we can precisely cut steel to any shape and design, implementing exact design measures into the built-in computer system and then letting the machinery do the work.

4. 6 Metre x 3 Metre Cutting Bed

Our plasma profiling service can take on large sizes, with a bed sized at 6×3 metres, meaning we can produce large-scale steel profiles in bulk or as one-off cuts. 

5. Delivery to suit your reasonable requirements 

A cornerstone of our service here at Laycocks is working to ensure that delivery times are met quickly. One of the benefits of the Plasma profiling service is that it cuts very quickly, whilst still offering precise results.

To find out more about how the firm’s in-house profiling service can help you, contact their sales team today to discuss your specific needs If you have any questions, please visit  or contact us on Call us today on 01535 667033