We are delighted to support a local restoration project to bring back to life the oldest double-decker trolleybus in the world.

The Keighley Trolleybus Number 5 is part of the town’s heritage and will soon be brought back to life thanks to Andy Kissack and a team of volunteers at Keighley Bus Museum Trust.

Keighley Number 5 was built in 1924, but following the termination of the electric trolleybus service, the vehicle was sold in 1932.

The trolleybus was recovered in the 70s after it was discovered in a field in Grassington following being converted into a caravan.

Now Andy and other volunteers are working hard to complete exterior work before Winter.

The team will then begin on interior work with the hope of finishing the restoration in May next year for the Transport Centenary event.

keighley old trolley bus

When in service, trolleybuses in Keighley went to Ingrow, Cross roads and Oxenhope.

They could be seen going down through the town centre to Oakworth and to Utley.

Trolleybuses even came to the doorstep of our Stockbridge site because the turning circle is where the Co-op is now.

There is still a lot of work to be done, and the Keighley Bus Museum Trust would welcome sponsorship in order for work to be completed in time.

We are proud to be supplying the steel for the project, which will be used on the staircase, handrails, seat frames and to fabricate four new wheel arches for the trolleybus.

Andy said: “We are hoping to be able to tow the bus along to locations it once visited back in service. Taking a now picture to compare with past photos from back in the day.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, but we have been pleased with the support from local businesses such as John W Laycock.

“We are trying to use as many Keighley-based businesses as possible on this project, but because of the specialist nature of the job, we may need to look a bit further into Bradford.”

If you think you can help with any part of the restoration or would like to lend your support through sponsorship, please get in touch with us or Keighley Bus Museum Trust (http://www.kbmt.org.uk).

keighley old trolley bus