We are delighted to bring our new JOHN W LAYCOCK STEEL PROFILING SERVICE to market.

Fully CE Certified profiling for structural steel plates & high definition plasma processing to cut any shape for signs, gates, railings, manhole covers and all manner of fabrication projects.

As always we will deliver to your requirements and can process one-off jobs through to large scale batch work.

We are proud to be entering into a partnership with GREENS CNC offering our service from Stockbridge Works in Keighley.

Dale Green, the Director of GREENS CNC, has a wealth of experience in producing high-quality finish products and brings with him two high-performance Hypertherm Powermax profiling machines (Powermax 45 & 85), both fully configured with Trucut Hole Technology to provide an accurate finish for straight, curved edges and diameter holes.

With a cutting bed of 3000 x 1500 and direct access to Laycock’s comprehensive stock of sheet and plate steel, we can accurately profile up to 20mm thick in both grades S275 & S355.

GREENS CNC has recently achieved full certification for hardness testing of profiled plates in accordance with BS EN ISP 6507 – 1:2005. Profile samples provided to a UKAS approved testing laboratory conform in full to the requirements of BS EN 1090-2:2018 : 6.4.3.

We have also completed a successful audit inspection with GREENS CNC and as a result, I am delighted to confirm that GREENS CNC is now an approved supplier under our 1090-2 CE Mark certification.

We have all the required certification on record, the process has been added to our Factory Production Control System documentation and so we can commence selling this service with immediate effect.

We are excited to be entering into this important partnership which builds on Laycock’s long history of first class service in steel and GREENS CNC’S experience in offering a flexible and high-quality manufacturing process.

For more information, take a look at the video below: